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Career coaching helps individuals who want to find a fulfilling career that utilizes their strengths and complements their values and interests. Recent graduates, adults considering a career change, or those re-entering the workforce can benefit from working with a career coach, who will help them establish professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles that may be in the way.

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Excel in your career, we are here to help !!

How do we do it?

Help leaders, managers, and professionals to excel in their current career, transition to a new career(s), and grow to the next leadership level, while leading a happy fulfilled life.

Are you caught between achieving goals and living your passion? Are you living the life that you want?

Are you in a well-paid job but not satisfied with your career? Are you frustrated about not making an impact?

Do you feel constrained that your talents are not utilized?  Do you feel overwhelmed and have difficulty maintaining balance in your life?

Are you afraid of becoming irrelevant?

Do you want to know what’s holding you back? Are you stressed about difficult conversations? Do your emotions get the better of you?

Are you challenged to motivate and influence stakeholders? Do you want to be a better leader?

If any of the above relates to you, We can help you as a coach.

We coach ambitious leaders, managers, and professionals to consciously lead with clarity, direction, and purpose. “When we bring our true whole- self to every sphere of life, we flourish and thrive”. With a whole-person approach to coaching, We partner with the clients through a  customized coaching program to gain clarity, find direction and make a meaningful impact in their careers and lives.

With 30+ years of corporate experience, insights from learning theories,  neuroscience, and positive psychology help the clients take steps to overcome what is holding them back, leverage their strengths, and achieve the goals that they desire.

We leverage the experience as a  global people development leader to help the clients be a leader in their own lives and also inspire others to be a better leader.

Finding meaning and being happy has been an integral part of our living. What gives us fulfillment is the opportunity to combine our passion, strengths, and expertise to help the clients move ahead, excel and find meaning in their careers, and also lead happy fulfilled lives.

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